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One basement remodeling trend that is sweeping the nation is the addition of a home gym. For some people, it is more convenient to work out at home. Perhaps you have small children, and it’s an added expense to pay for childcare every time you work out. Or maybe your schedule is so hectic that it’s just easier for you to squeeze in a workout  at home whenever you have a free minute. Designers and homeowners alike have begun to adore the idea of adding a workout space during basement remodels. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, it is important to take into account three potential problem areas. The first problem is moisture control and basement waterproofing, the second is ventilation and lighting, and the third problem is remodeling with different ductwork and wiring options. Be sure to fix these problems before beginning the addition of a home gym.

Fixing Basement Remodeling Problem Areas

  • Moisture control and basement waterproofing: Before you start your basement finishing project, you will need to make sure that there isn’t a problem with excess humidity. If you think you may have a moisture problem, contact your local basement waterproofing specialist.
  • Ventilation and lighting: Make sure you have enough ventilation and light. Check to see what the code or regulation is in your area. Always make sure there are windows or doors for emergency exits.
  • Ductwork and wiring: It’s always a good idea to plan your remodel so that the ductwork and wiring is easily accessible if any future problems arise in your home. Once these issues are addressed, you can begin the remodel.

Basement Remodeling For A Home Gym

After you have fixed the possible problem areas your basement may have, it is time to decide on the different features you would like to include in the gym. Even though the most common basement flooring materials are carpet and engineered wood, you will probably want to use rubber for the gym floor. It is widely available in rolls or as tiles that interlock with one  another. They can be found online, at many big-box stores, or from a gym equipment retailer. Another nice touch is to install mirrors along the wall, just like gyms have. The mirrors allow you to check your form and technique. Mirrors will also help to brighten up the space and make it feel like you have more room. Don’t forget to install any other special equipment you may want like ballet or chin-up bars. In the past, basements were only used as storage space. Nowadays, basement remodeling adds more than just value to your home, it also gives you the space you didn’t have before for a rooms like a home gym. Before beginning any basement remodeling project, contact the professionals at Promax Contracting. We have helped homeowners across St Louis and St Charles, MO complete the basement remodeling projects of their dreams. Contact us at 314-770-0700 today for basement remodeling ideas or to schedule a free estimate.