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Bathroom Remodeling That Lasts

If you are expecting your first child or have an ever-growing family you may think that there is a lot of designing and remodeling in your future. A room that is used by several members of the house, for a number of years, needs to be functional with a timeless design. For example, in a child’s bathroom, it’s tempting to go overboard on cuteness when they’re little, however they won’t want that rubber ducky theme forever. We have a few suggestions on how to keep any bathroom remodel age appropriate through the years, while still keeping fun and utility in mind.

A Bathroom Remodel That Grows With Your Children

The goal is to design a bathroom that will grow with your child. The best way to do this is by keeping it simple. The idea is to have a good base to build on, and then choose elements or accessories that can be easily changed.
  • Sink and Cabinets: The basic structure of the sink should be function-oriented, such as a sink/cabinet with plenty of storage for towels and washcloths. It should also have some drawers to hold cotton swabs, combs, hairbrushes and your daughter’s cute barrettes. Incorporate some pizzazz by having your home improvement expert install a colorful countertop or fun drawer pulls.
  • Floor: Keep the flooring simple and durable, hardwood is a great flooring material. Just make sure it is sealed well in order to keep moisture out. Tile also works great in bathrooms because it is mold resistant and can stand the tests of time. A whimsical rug on a neutral tile floor can be replaced with a more sophisticated one when your child hits their teens.
  • Walls: Unless you want to keep repainting again and again, select a neutral wall color and go from there.  Any room theme can be easily created by putting up removable wall decals – simply take them down and replace with new ones for a change in theme.

Bathrooms For Babies

Kids grow up fast, but they’re still short little creatures for quite a few years.  Towel bars can be mounted with both an upper and lower bar, so kids can reach their own bath towels while they’re young. Wall-mounted cup dispensers should be placed within reach of little arms, but not where your 12-year-old will bump elbows with it.  You can even ask your home improvement contractor to create a nook for a toddler’s potty seat. Spaces like this offer up a plethora of uses as your child grows like turning it into an area for a bathroom scale or a freestanding shelf unit. If you are looking for more ideas for a timeless bathroom remodel that your kids are sure to love, call the highly trained home improvement contractors at Promax Contracting. Located in Missouri, we are family-owned and operated so we know how to build homes that grow as your children do. For a free estimate and inspection on any bathroom remodeling or home improvement project contact us at 314-770-0700.