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Gutter Cleaning Tips from Your St. Louis Roofing Expert

The beginning of fall may be a beautiful time of the year, but some aspects of the season can be a pain. One of the most dreaded home upkeep projects that rears its head every fall is clearing your gutters of fallen leaves and debris. Here at Promax, our St. Louis roofing experts have compiled some helpful tips to help you get your gutters clean in a quick and safe manner.

Why Should I Clean My Gutters?

Another benefit to keeping debris out of your gutters, aside from having a clean home exterior, is that it can prevent major roofing catastrophes like ice dams. Ice dams occur when debris and ice create a clog inside the gutter itself. The ice dam then prevents melted rooftop snow from traveling through the gutter. The snowmelt then pools and starts leaking into the house, which can cause serious water damage. Safety Here at Promax, we recommend you always tell a family member or neighbor when you decide to climb a ladder to the roof and clear out your gutters. Even a short fall from the roof can lead to very serious injuries. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this project on your own, call on a friend for help. Supplies Here’s a list of recommended gutter cleaning supplies from the St. Louis roofing specialists at Promax. •Ladder (unless you’re 10-20 feet tall) •Bucket (you’ll need somewhere to throw the leaves and grime from your gutters) •Gloves (nobody wants to grab slimy goop with their bare hands) •Eye Protection (you never know what’s going to come flying out when stirring up leaves and muck) •Scoop (this will be your best gutter cleaning friend, especially if you despise getting your hands dirty) Don’t get overwhelmed at the sight of leaves spilling over the top of your Missouri home’s gutters – get even. Use your tools, safety knowledge, and superior intellect to combat the leafy menace! For projects and repairs you don’t trust yourself to perform, contact the St. Louis roofing team of Promax at (314) 770-0700. We’ll be more than happy to serve you.