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Transform Your Basement into a Home Theater

Do you love films but are worn out from the modern theater experience? If shelling out $20 for a night at the theater (and that’s not even including the popcorn!) doesn’t sound appealing, we suggest transforming your old basement into your personal screening room.An in-home theater isn’t as opulent as you may think. As technology continues to progress and becomes more affordable, virtually anyone can create a theater-themed room with a basement remodeling project. Call the experts at Promax at (314) 770-0700 to get started on designing your dream theater. The basement is the optimal location for your new in-home theater. Most basements are secluded from the rest of the home, with less light than the above-ground rooms for glare-free film viewing. You’ll be able to delve deep into cinematic escape without interrupting the rest of the house’s activities and vice versa.

Necessary Home Theater Amenities

•    Projection screen with an overhead projector or mounted flat screen television (55’’+) •    Surround-sound, home-theater system – 7.1 is top-of-the-line, but 5.1-channel costs less and works very well •    Blu-ray player: most models can hook up to a Wi-Fi connection and stream Netflix or other content- streaming services •    HDMI and other necessary cables: Run cables through the wall if possible; they can create a rat’s nest and become an eyesore When it comes to more difficult tasks such as basement finishing for premium film viewing, have a trusted home improvement company like the crew at Promax take over. Professionals can insulate the walls properly, keeping sound both in and out.  They can also help you include more elaborate details you may want, such as track or recessed lighting. The best thing about having a theater in your own home is that you get to decorate it how you want! Personalize your basement theater with posters from your favorite movies or a popcorn machine; you could even have your very own candy counter. Get creative with your design; you’ll probably be spending a lot of time there. Contact Promax today at (314) 770-0700 and let us help make your home-theater dreams come true.