Promax LLC has seen minor and major issues when an improper siding installation is done on a home or commercial building. From internal water damage to insect infestation, you’d be surprised at what a missing panel can do to the structural integrity of a home or business. If you need to repair siding or install siding on your home or business, contact Promax LLC at (314) 770-0700 for a free estimate.

We are located in Chesterfield MO and serve the Missouri areas of St Louis and St Charles with all things home improvement, including roofing, deck building, and basement remodeling installations.

Warranty and Financing

At Promax LLC provides a 5 year warranty on remodeling labor and a 10 year warranty on roofing labor. We also offer financing options and lien waivers on final payments.

Reasons for Siding Installation

There are many reasons to install siding: it adds instant value to your home, increases your curb appeal and energy efficiency, and decreases the chance of interior and structural water damage, as well as infestation. If you have a new home and you would like to add some flare and make it your own, a complete siding installation will do the job. Promax LLC can provide you with samples of materials and colors that will really make your home stand out on the block. If you are trying to sell a home, siding repair may do the trick, depending on the quality of the existing siding.

Not only is siding the first thing people notice when they approach your home, it is also one of the best ways to increase your return on investment. If you happen to love your home as is, but have some simple issues with the look or feel of your siding, we can fix that. We will repair vinyl siding, cedar siding, and concrete siding such as James Hardie siding, or replace stones within your siding—whatever siding you need repaired, we can do it.

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Install Siding on Residences and Apartment Complexes

Promax LLC has over 25 years of siding installation experience on residences, commercial buildings, and apartment complexes all over St Louis MO and surrounding Missouri locations. From this experience, we know that siding installation will instantly add value to your home and can even give you more return on your investment than a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel. Because curb appeal is a contributing factor in selling your home, installing vinyl siding, cedar siding, concrete siding or brick siding can make that potential buyer the next homeowner. Curb appeal also affects how a potential renter may see your apartment complex, guiding their decision on whether to rent from you or not. Don’t have ugly siding be the first thing people see—let us install siding that will ramp up the style factor on your home or apartment building.

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Promax LLC is located in Chesterfield Missouri and serves the areas of St Charles MO and St Louis Missouri with siding installation and other home improvement services. Contact us today at (314) 770-0700 to receive your free estimate and inspection on your siding installation.